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FEAR, Part 1

FEAR. //

Let’s talk about fear.
Fear that you’re not enough.
Fear that your work won’t live up to your expectations, others’ expectations, or your previous work.
Fear of saying the wrong thing.
Fear of being judged.
Fear or not having enough: love, money, food, energy.//

As an artist, my most vulnerable fear is that I’m a fraud. That my last photoshoot was a fluke, and that I’ll never make work that lives up to that caliber again. That I somehow lucked into getting nice photos. That I don’t have intrinsic talent or skill.//

What do you do when those gremlins come out, perch on your shoulder and start whispering in your ear?//

Get out. Move. Move your body and get endorphins flowing.//

Connect. Reach out to a friend. There is nothing as powerful as a genuine human connection to affirm your existence, and the words of a dear friend can turn you around. //

Look within. While it’s great to connect with others (and as an extravert that’s my go to), we also need to be able to rely upon ourselves. If we can cultivate self-grace, we can call out our own irrational thoughts and show ourselves love. //

What fears do you struggle with, and how do you overcome them?

Originally posted as an instagram post.

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